Port Theatre, Nanaimo BC, June 2008

Music strengthens the soul.

I don’t know anyone whose spirit is not lifted by music. There are differing musical tastes, to be sure, but the effect is universal. Even among animals! And, some say, plants. Music is life. If you’re feeling sad, if you’re feeling bad, put on a favourite tune and almost immediately your demeanor and mindset improve.

While infuriatingly stuck in a traffic jam on a cold rainy day, a much loved song begins playing, so what do you do? Your head starts bobbing, your hands and feet start tapping to the beat, you sing out loudly (out of tune probably, but what the hell). You dance, even while sitting. Music stirs your soul no matter the circumstances. It is an extremely important ingredient in our lives.

I know it’s a big part of my life. My extended family on my fathers’ side was .. is .. very musical. My Grandfather, uncles, cousins, myself, my younger brother (pictured left, center stage), his youngest son. Music has been, is, and will continue to be, a big part of our lives.

What I’m going to do here, one post at a time, is highlight some of the songs that are special to me, and/or are significant to the music world at large. I will key on rock music, because that is what I’m most familiar with, but I believe that all genres of music are significant and none should be ignored.

I do have one failing about my music listening habits: I don’t pay enough attention to the lyrics. If you presented me with a snippet of lyric from a popular song (not the chorus, but something from the interior of the tune), nine times out of ten I would not be able to identify the song. So, what I want to do is write a post about the lyrics of the song, with the melody, the beat, the rhythm being secondary. I will split posts into themes so that they are not all jumbled into one long index.

There are so many songs, so many themes. So. Many. However, I will muddle along, one post at a time. I hope you will join me!

Rock on!