First Decade

Born 6 years after the end of World War II at Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Orillia, Ontario. Childhood. Public school. Later lived in Oakville, Fruitland and Stoney Creek, all in Ontario.

Second Decade

Public school in Stoney Creek, then back to Orillia. High school in Orillia. This was the ’60s. Very exciting and happy times. Learned to drive. Drummer in a band.

Third Decade

Post secondary schools. First full-time employment experiences. Got married. Lived in Orillia, Barrie, London (Ontario) & Calgary.

Fourth Decade

Assistant Controller in heavy construction firm, Whitby (Ontario). Then self-employment back in Orillia for most of the decade. Two sons were born.

Fifth Decade

Self-employment in the freight transportation industry, living in Orillia. The boys grew up to be fine young men. Wife continued to tolerate me.

Sixth Decade

Continued self-employment in Orillia, then moved to Courtenay, British Columbia to manage a touring Pink Floyd tribute band. Lost my Dad to cancer.

Seventh Decade

Returned to Orillia to care for elderly in-law parents. Father-in-law subsequently passed away, cancer. Which brings us to the present day …


Motley Looking Crew

Motley Looking Crew



I hope you enjoy my Blog. What will the future bring? We’ll have to wait and see.


Randy Hawes